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Paula’s Parade

October 22, 2006

Parades are meant to be full of fun and laughter, a time to break away from everyday normalcy for a little clean entertainment. The thing about the whole event is that there is an order and plan as to who shall be in line where, what candy will be thrown, and who gets to ride on the floats. My sister-in-law Paula decided that she would head toward the fair so that she and John’s children, one three and the other four, could see my younger brother show cows. These plans would be no big deal to most people, but Paula is almost nine months pregnant, she is due anytime within the next couple of weeks. Going to a cow show seems harmless though, right? Well, not quite. As she was making her way through town, she noticed that traffic was starting to get heavier because they had started blocking roads to make a path for the parade that was to celebrate the kick off of the Georgia State Fair. She finally saw a break in the traffic and decided to pull onto one of the main roads. About the same time, a float pulls out in front of her. Her initial reaction was that it was no big deal, they were probably heading to get in line for the parade that was to start some time very soon. As she drove for a few moments, she soon realized that was not the case at all. In fact, somehow, she herself had become part of the parade, not just anywhere in the line up, but actually the second car! Much to her dismay, all of the other streets and drives connecting to the road were blocked off so there was no way to escape. Not knowing what to do, she rolled down the windows in the back and told the children to wave. They were delighted with the whole experience while she was completely horrified by it. When asked about the whole incident, Paula will get blush profusely and so sweetly say how incredibly bad she felt for not having had any candy to throw out to the crowd!

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